Actuation and Controls

Pneumatic - Electric - Accessories

Energy Pipe & Supply offers both Pneumatic & Electric automation packages. Based upon your service requirements, our trained staff can design an automation package including the valve, actuator, and accessories.

This picture is of Klar Rovira, the founder of Energy Pipe & Supply, holding an actuator valve

Apollo Compactorque Rack & Pinion Actuator

Conbraco Acutorque Stainless Steel Actuator

Conbraco G-Series Scotch-Yoke Actuator

Apollo AE Series Actuator

Indicators - Limit Switches - Solenoid Valves - Positioners - Lockouts

Automation packages are completed with accessories supplied from ASCO, Stonel, Moniteur, Westlock, Proximity,  PMV, and VRC among others.

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