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Bronze, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, & Alloys

You can count on Apollo for top quality bronze and steel ball valves in all sizes and shapes, and with all the connections and options you need. Apollo manufactures Two Piece, Three Piece, Unibody, Flanged, Three-Way, Union End, Steam Prep, and Specialty valves for every need you can possibly imagine.  Apollo ball valves deliver world-class performance for a universe of applications.

Apollo Bronze Ball Valves

The 70-Series bronze Apollo ball valve was introduced 1968, revolutionizing the way water and air were handled in commercial, industrial and residential applications. Today, Apollo manufactures more types of bronze ball valves than any other US company. More than 6 million Apollo bronze ball valves are put into service every year, making it America’s most trusted ball valve brand.

Apollo Steel and Alloy Ball Valves

Apollo valves offer superior design and metallurgical quality to industrial valve specifiers.  Flanged, socket weld, butt weld or threaded, in sizes from 1/4” to 12”, Apollo ball valves are built to exacting specifications in our ISO 9001 registered plants, assuring our customers dependable value time after time.

Apollo Top Entry Ball Valves

Apollo’s Top Entry Valve provides simplified in-line maintenance.  Once the valve is installed, it acts as a permanent part of the pipeline.  The bonnet can be removed and repacked.  This also allows easy access to replace internal parts such as the ball and seats.  Our wedge design top entry valve is much easier to service than the parallel seat design top entry valves. Additionally, our ball to stem engagement and performance capabilities are superior.

The special “V” seating design introduced the self-adjusting seat to the floating ball valve. This design does not rely on the built-in interference of conventional floating ball valves, but provides automatic compensation for changes that occur as a result of varying pressure, temperature and wear. As these changes occur, the ball and seats are continuously snugged down into the “V”, resulting in positive leak-tight shutoff when using resilient seats. Maintaining a low pressure seal had been a difficult challenge for floating ball valves. The wedge design allows the ball and seats to move down the “V”, assuring continued low pressure sealing for the life of the seat. All Apollo Top Entry Valves are designed with an “anti-static” feature. Also, all valve configurations come with blow-out proof stems as a standard feature.

In addition to the three things everyone has come to expect from Apollo – high quality products, competitive pricing and on time delivery – Apollo Top Entry Valves deliver additional premiums.  A broader choice of materials are offered for both internal and external components, numerous optional features, and seat/seal combinations.  All of these features result in an expanded serviceable application range.