Stocking:  1/2″ – 24″   150#     304/304L   & 316/316L A/SA182

                    1/2″ – 12″     300#     304/304L   & 316/316L A/SA182

                    1/2″ – 8″     600#     304/304L   & 316/316L A/SA182

                    1/2″ – 12″   150#     A105 Lap Joint Flanges

                    1/2″ – 12″    150#    Galvanized Lap Joint Flanges

Flanges available in 310, 317, 321, A-20, A400, A600, C276 among other alloys.


General dimensions conform to MSS-SP-51. Dimensions of Bolt Hole and Circle Diameters correspond to ANSI B16.5.  Forged MSS Flanges are manufactured from material conforming to the chemistry of ASTM-A-182 (F304 or F316) in a proper state of heat treatment to provide desired mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. MSS Flanges are suitable for use at pressure/temperature ratings for MSS-SP-51 Class 150LB Flanges and Flanged Fittings. All MSS Flanges are identified with the manufacturer’s trademark, Nominal Pipe Size, Material Grade, and Heat Number.